12 Tips To Prepare for Your Kira Assessment

So you’ve applied to a program with a Kira Assessment, video interview, or another timed video component, and you want to be the most prepared for success in your application. Here are 12 tips to consider as you get ready to complete your assessment:
1. Software updates
It’s just your luck: You’re in the middle of your timed video assessment and that pesky “do you want to update?” pop-up lands on your screen and completely distract you. Or worse yet, your computer goes ahead and restarts mid-response. Avoid all of this by making sure your software is up-to-date before you start.
2. Close everything
If you get any desktop notifications from email, social media, games, or other apps, plan for the worst and close those applications before starting your assessment.  
3. Choose comfortable, appropriate attire
We recommend in almost all cases choosing business casual attire — such as a dress shirt, blouse, sweater, or long sleeve top. You can read more recommendations on what to wear here.
4. Practice a few common questions
Record yourself taking a few common questions or use Kira’s Practice Assessment Suite to guide your practice session. Here are some common questions to try:
“Tell us about yourself?”
“Why do you want to attend our program?”
“Tell us about a time you’ve overcome a difficult challenge?”
“Describe one of your favorite hobbies and why it is important to you?”
5. Ensure you have enough battery life
Make sure you’re entering your assessment with enough battery life to get you through the duration of the interview. To play it ultra-safe, just stay connected to a power source for the assessment.
6. Set the scene
Turn on your webcam and adjust your location to ensure you have a non-distracting backdrop behind you. Windows, mirrors, or cluttered walls or shelves are best avoided if possible.
7. Adjust your lighting
You should conduct your assessment in a well-lit setting. Turn your webcam on and adjust your lighting to find an arrangement that sheds light on your face. If you wear glasses, this may take a bit of extra time to get right.
8. Remove distractions
If you have anything in your room or workspace that could distract you, such as a tablet or cell phone, ensure they are not in your reach or eye line. Put devices on ‘do not disturb’ or ‘silent’ modes to avoid surprise ringtones or text alerts mid-response.
Are you a fidgeter? You may also want to remove items from your work space like pens, cell phones, or headphones that you may instinctively start toying with if you become nervous.
9. Ask for quiet time from family, colleagues, or roommates
Let anyone who you share a household or office with know that they should not disturb you before you begin your assessment. Put a ‘do not disturb’ sign on your door to remind folks, just in case.
10. Arrange extra help for kids or pets (as needed)
Your interview should only take 20 to 30-minutes, so if it helps you to relax you may want to arrange child or pet care to focus entirely on completely your assessment without distractions.
11. Don’t forget to breathe!
Remember to pause and catch your breath. Cramming as many words into a response as you can does not make it a stronger answer. Take your time with your response, and you’ll do great! Good luck.
12. Practice!
Take advantage of our free Practice Assessment as much as you like before acing your next interview or Kira assessment.